“Prêt-à-Porter” Nails Reconstruction in gel

Innovation and last generation gel.
Protection and respect for natural nails.
Facilitated removal with acetone WITHOUT FILINGS.

A project that follows the patented application of Create Your Nails but advanced techniques of gel formulations. Completely free of acid gels, caress your nails covering them gently.
Easy Application techniques accessible to all of the women who want to be in always elegant and with trendy hands. An exceptional adherence thanks to the new "Primer-Promoter of Adhesion."

Many new accessories supplied with kit to ensure a perfect Application. A quick and easy removal system which does not affect the natural nails like all other reconstructions.

Sufficient 10 minutes and reconstructed nails with Create Your Nails Advanced will dissolve themselves in front of your eyes, revealing a natural nail in perfect condition.

Incredible?......No, Layla

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